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Bying any stuff of the MEANDER You will support saving the wildlife from extinction by helping Gerald Durrell's New Jersey conservation trust, as stricktly half of the paid money will be donated to it.
This is my own initiative I've started in memory of Gerald Durrell, who have granted me sunny dreams far before I could expect them to come true.

How does this work?
The album You'll buy costs exactly two times more expensive as I need to produce and deliver it for your listening pleasure(cover printing, CD-Rs and posting fees). So, only the half of price is going to be donated.

Why only a half of money is being donated?
Because each and every example of CD is needed to be payed off. I don't get any profit by selling it, nor I loose. The money balance stays at zero.

Why am I doing it?
Because I feel obligated to help saving our planet with all it's diversity of speices, and since I write music, which inspiration I'm getting from nature it is only fair to pay it back that way.

How could You be shure, that donation does happen?
I wouldn't announce it, if I wouldn't have intentions to do so. If some day things will change,— I will change this text immediately.
Bying a CD of MEANDER You firstly purchase music in a standart price of home-made CD. I don't make You to donate, I'm only spending money, that were earned on my hobby to donation instead of drinking beer or else.

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