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Personal introduction

Standing on a cliff watching twilight descending, fading in the blueness of evening, listening to the rustling sea mirror telling it's secrets. Breathing in the silver light of latent acient stars and cressendos of tiny night creatures singing their eternal happiness. Melting in the slight warm wind, in greenish line of sunset horizon, in deep sea miracles, in every spark of life. This is me.

Some facts about me

Real name:  Timofey L. Gavrilin
Nickname: Tim "Stab Venom"
Date of birth: 17th of January, 1982
Height: 186cm
Weight: 80kg
Main occupation: Physiotherapist/rehabilitologist
I play music since 10th of December 1999.

My hobbies: writing and recording music, being possessed by the sea (so I freedive and go scuba), underwater and macro photography, raster graphics, HTML webmastering, travelling in woody mountains. I'm also found of Mediterranean (and other) sealife and insect diversity.

I have two Testudo Horsfildae as pets, and one more Trachemys scripta in common with my wife.

In my freetime I usually sleep, read and do my hobbies. In music I've started with metal music, except for primitives, through I'm getting bored with any agression sometimes. Recently I have explored Folk, Ethno and New-Age (Oliver Shanti and Friends, Gandalf, Mike Oldfield, etc.), revealed Ambient, Berlin School of Electronica, Space, Psychedelic and Post-Rock. All these have enourmously huge influence on me and open brand new horizons. 3 most favourite metal bands as legacy of youth: Lake of Tears, Type O Negative, Running Wild. Nowadays I adore Ozric Tentacles and atmospheric post-rock acts (like God is an Astronaut), ambient and things like that, though not recanting the metal heritage and other wonderful sounds.

My favourite food: Chineese, Greek, seafood unlimitedly, my mother' and my Princess' cooking, tomatoes. Favourite drinks are strong black tea (in Russian way), tomato and lychee juice, retsina.

Favourite places to be: my house, my bed, Greece, Moscow, on the road, under water.

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