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The desire for writing and playing music came to me around 1997, as I fell in love with Metal music, and as I fell in love generously.
It has been the time, when I have written the first poem (in English) I'm not ashamed of (the first poem ever has been written in the age of 5 in Russian, however I remember only few lines from that truly to say horrible nonsense). I was so amused by myself (poem had happened absolutely ad-lib), that it has become clear: the extension of the deal is very much to be expected.
So Spring of 1997 is the time when it all has started.

Winged up with the success (oh joy, I can rhyme words!) a few more fast-cooked poems were done touching different themes of my environment. In school (I have been 15years old then) I showed these craps to my friend Demon P, who smiled in his firm wide way and asked if I'm planning to start a band with that. Why would I deny myself in joy of saying "yes"?

Surely, starting the band in words means nothing of deeds: either of us had a vague notion of what the music is, as well as about the mystery of instruments we ought to use. But everything starts with noble will and conception, do you agree?:)

So, until we make no music, we should figure out bands' name, style, cover artworks of preceding album and, of course, lyrics.
The name has come with the help of Demon P: still smiling he suggested ourselves be called Double Trouble. D(as Demon) T(as Tim) was the right name for such a fantastic music formation as ours has been then.

...Renaming of Double Trouble had happened shortly after cover artwork of never existing album has been finished.

It was the time, when Tim and Dima met Axeman. He was much elder, had a long hair and could play an acoustic guitar a little. By him kindly accepting the invitation to join our phantom formation the quantity of musicians grew up to three members.
In addition, German Speed Metal band called Running Wild has pushed itself to the top positions in Stab's list of favourites and dreaming about the sea winds night and day it was decided to rename Double Trouble into Jolly Roger.

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Jolly Roger

In the beginning of year 1999 Axeman has lent us an album by Lake Of Tears called Headstones. That has generously shook the base of my understanding of what the music is and had seriously influenced the future. For the first time ever I have witnessed singing the nature, playing landscapes in twilight, touching deepest strings of Inside by telling about Outside. Thank You Daniel, Johan and Mikael...

While getting wiser and recrystallizing the mental conceptions of musical ideas hiving in my head, with help of Demon I had composed words to instrumental compositions of the "Killer Instinct- super Nintendo" , "Overdrive PSX" soundtracks and even Lake Of Tears "To die is to wake". These were recorded in April-June 1999 to appear in a huge world subduing quantity of 7 exemplars.

Axeman did not take the band seriously that time, and to my dreamy sentence "All we need now are instruments to play" gave a calm shower in an answer: "But who will play them?"

In the early Fall of 1999 Demon have bought his first Casio keyboards. That gave a kick for writing and recording compositions "Honk-Kong Nights" and "Falling Up". The last one even sounded at the school radio, making girls to faint and us to flush badly.
Same time Axeman procured his first electric guitar to act in another band. On the 10th of December I have purchased my Samic electric guitar and have been quite surprised by the fact that there are 6 strings instead of 4 or 5 as I have expected.
Active music practice and composing have started.

First recorded stuff of that time comes back to 15th of January, 2000, and on the 16th of April, 2000, Tim and Dima has accomplished "Jolly Roger Demo 2000". Using a definite understatement, the quality of ideas and sound doesn't make it a valuable piece to listen. Still, it's the first thing done all by ourselves.

Summer of the year 2000 has brought an attack for further inspiration with style getting closer to what we call music. A vacation in Greece gave a breath for composing songs and tunes being later renewed for the repertoire of the Inner Sea.

In October "Leaving the Twilight Zone" demo tape featuring new and some old material has been recorded together by Stab and Demon being thus far the band itself.
Earripping lack of quality has caused the stuff being rerecorded and recompleted during the February 2001. Placed beneath criticism on skills and sound the tape still contains features of the music, which grew and blossomed up later.

In the spring band had become accomplished by Hellmachine Barney, the drummer, a little later by deathmetalian bass-player Snake.
In September Barney leaves, and Salz, the school buddy of Axeman is invited to take the sticks.
On the 27th of November, 2001 the first repetition featuring everyone but Axeman has happened.

During winter 2002 Demon has left for Kiev, and it took him half a year to return.
In March Snake is leaving the band for a solo-project and after a period of active search a new bassist called Imre has been found around May.
September the 3rd: Imre leaving the hope to accept ideas of JollyRoger music and, therefore, quits. Same evening after the repetition we are attacked by hod of drunken hooligans and then kindly served by ambulance and policemen.

Later same month, when recovered, Stab (in his university) has got to know Elisabeth, who graciously have accepted an invitation to beautify the JollyRoger music with her wonderful voice.

Absolutely unexpectedly Stiv the bass-player has come to the band, making the sextet full.

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Inner Sea

The idea of changing title of the band has appeared yet in the beginning of the year, and the name Inner Sea has been born in the correspondence between Stab Venom and Demon P around May 2002 (to the information of those who say different!).

On the 24th of December first Inner Sea website was born, and from the 1st of January 2003 the band officially is called Inner Sea.

In the February 2003 bands first demo is recorded at dusty dirty basement studio in Ecser. Demo entitled "The Sign" has contained three compositions and a CD-ROM. Because of the low sounding quality The Sign has escaped the fortune of becoming an official promotional stuff. For now it is available in Downloads section as a mute reproach to sound engineers of all the times and nations.

Anyway, the primal meaning of this recording session has been preparing the band for live shows, first of which took place on the 22nd of April next year, 2004.

Seven shows totally were played that year, eleven more next year, in 2005. After starring at the EFOTT 2005 fest by the Velence lake band entered the Citysound studio to record it's first EP by winning a discount at mymusic.hu competition.
The conception of "Whit of the Night" EP has been worked out (and accepted by band members) far before recording session, thus it appeared to be a complicated edition in sound and outlook.
Unfortunately due to different reasons the mixing took more, than one year and was completely finished only in August 2006.

During that time Inner Sea did five more gigs, had an hour long interview on the Civil radio (Budapest), had arranged it's own repetition room by investments of Salz and Demon P and have lost the repetition room with the invaluable help of broken water-pipes.

Worst, interests, tastes and imaginations of bands' future stroke inside the Inner Sea. By obstructing music composed by me and giving no alternate proposal band members have stopped a progress in music works and brought out creative and relation crisis. After a certain period I have decided to leave my own band, as I felt unbearable to continue realizing music in the way I see it right.

Need to mention, that Whit of the Night EP has been released by my music ex-colleague in so-called "non-conceptional" version designed by Salz (the initiator and leader of persecution).
Here, on this website You may purchase an original, conceptual version of an album, projected by me.

The story of my Inner Sea ends here, but as there are no changes in my desire of arranging the Harmony by composing music I'm starting the new project called...

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The conception of how the music I compose should sound has crystallized itself out during the last year of the Inner Sea. The inner paradise of getting free to create, to write, to record has been absolutely inversely proportional to things happening in the band. New purposes, new horizons, new sounds rose in my head. With technics and electronic progress entering every single home I'm able to record the full versions of songs all by myself.

For more of newborn Meander philosophy please check the Conception page of this thread.

So, getting rid of the band in August 2006, in December same year I'm releasing first instrumental EP of Meander, called "A Tune for the Moon". It shows well how wide the borders of the Atmospheric Dark Light style are: being nothing of metal it is still recognizable in sound, methods and ideas.

Shortly after, the first album of the "Contemplation" series has appeared. This relaxation/meditative disc contains nothing but 75 minutes of summer night sounds, with crickets in grass and ceramic wind chimes gently touched by slight warm wind. The idea of such recording has come to me last winter as I have been trying to fall asleep while dreaming of summer. Truly to say, I'm absolutely satisfied with this first disc,— it turned to be the most recently heard CD in my collection for the present.

In the middle of January this website has started to work, offering Meander goodies and downloadable MP3's to a respected public.

The first quarter of the 2007 went away in composing and recording new songs and rerecording songs that were composed one year earlier, in the spring of 2006. As the result, on the 22nd of May a forty-minute-long EP called "A Song for the Sun" has been released. As it concludes out from the title, it is deeply involved conceptually with "A Tune for the Moon" release, through being not only metalized in sound, but accomplished with vocals as well.

After an unbelievable summer vacation in Greece it was time to recompose and to rerecord a composition from the fall of 2005 called "Beyond the Evening Spell", which has been released as a 20 minutes long single on the 29th of October, 2007.

Following years had no releases due to main occupation and searching new ways in composing and (very important) performing music, because the technical methods used so far were very poor and unsatisfying either in applying, either in result. Yet, the music composing and recording process were not forsaken as since 2008 Tim was working as the online radio editor for Greek.ru website.

Same time there was an amazing trip through different music styles and genres. Getting acquainted with Ethno, Ambient, Berlin School of Electronica, Space and Post-rock opened new horizons in understanding what the music is, and confirmed the direction of Atmospheric Dark Light development, that was done so far without any examples only by intuition.

At the beginning of 2010 with the help of Demon P Tim purchased Roland synthesizer, that meant a giant leap in ability of composing and creating worthy sound, as well as using much more facilities of virtual instruments. The music composed with the use of achieved knowledge and experience was much different in style from previous works, though bearing significant Meander marks of melodies and atmospheres. The canvas became even more experimental and nonlinear, themes had almost no repeating at all, atmospheres have got deeper thanks to new sound schemes.

First experience in making video was obtained simultaneously with composing music.

As the result of more than one year work first conceptual long play album called "Sithonia" was released on the 26th of April, 2011.

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