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Claudia Ehrhardt

September 2008.

Review by Claudia Ehrhardt on Ice Vajal.

Beyond the Evening Spell
(self-released - 2007)

With Beyond The Evening Spell Timofey 'Stab Venom' Gavrilin presents his latest piece of work. The 2 track single featuring the title track, an instrumental piece in 4 parts. The single is available for download, but also can be purchased through the website and all profit will be donated to Gerald Durrell's Conservation Trust!
The instrumental takes you onto a journey - very atmospheric and enchanting. Close your eyes and let the music carry you away. The music is based in metal, but adds different elements and atmospheres. Its obvious that Tim is listening to a large variety of music, coz you can find citations and references in his music. It starts with Evening leads you to The Spell, then Beyond and ends with Abyss. But it all floats into another and so the titles of the different parts aren't that important to the listener. I'm usually not a fan of instrumental music and the title track is about 17 minutes! But with Beyond The Evening Spell Meander could win me over!
The last part Abyss is offered in a different version, too. It's presented in a post armageddon mix and its a nice interpretation of the original one.
If you like atmospheric rock with metallic riffs, if you like the variety of sounds, then give it a try!


© Claudia Ehrhardt, 2008.