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Inner Sea • Whit of the Night

EP (mini-album)
Number of tracks: 5
Total time: 24 min.
Date of release: 2006
Genre: Atmospheric Dark Light Metal
Styles: Gothic metal with influences of various styles
Cover and layout by Tim "Stab Venom"
Music composed, arranged as stated at the tracklist
Cover and view | Info and Thanks | Download in archive


"Even in the brightest light, there is always a place for a Whit Of The Night".
Seashore at the daytime. Sparks of sun are dancing in crystal water. You get a handful of seawater and suddenly find holding The Night Itself. A little endless universe, with it's own galaxies and nebulas. Take a look inside the wondrous and mysterious enigma in your hands. If you would take a sip The Night will flow down into you spreading it's realm with light shiver, taking you to the sacred worlds you have never been to.
This EP album ment to be the same, as the Night in your hands: something outstanding, bringing you different (but eternal), unusual (but deepest and most native You've got inside) visions and conceptions, showing you latent and hidden sense, that our music consists of.
The outer covers show daylight, but the inner content and the disk are under the spell of Twilight. So, take a sip, as you are holding a Whit Of The Night...

This piece of Atmospheric Dark Light Metal appeared in two different variation of design as the consequence of controversy, that took place in the band in August 2006. Lay-out seen here is completely different in it's design and outlook, than the version that the rest of the ex-band members distribute. Need to mention, that present form is the original one: the song selection, effects and lay-out are all together parts of primal conception, that is written above.
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1. Intro     2:02 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music by Stab Venom)

Even in the brightest light
There is always a place
For the Whit Of The Night

2. Waves of Tomorrow     5:32 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music: Stab Venom, Lyrics: Stab Venom, P. B. Shelley,
     back translation from Jerom K. Jerom, 05.11.2004.)

"Be thy sleep
Calm and Deep
Like those who fell
Not ours who weep"

Circles of my life,
Patterns on the sand
They were washed away
With the waves of tommorow
And I'm within the night
Lying naked
Feigning I fade (in the)
Waves of tommorow

Golden memories of the dying sun
Fade away in the depth of sad clouds
Run away, run away, run against the night
Virgin flush gloaming foreshores surround

Sleepy words in my hands
Sparks of distant stars
Mellow waves undertake
Canvas of the past
Hieratic and precious
Glitter of Hesperus

Circles of my life,
Patterns on the sand
They were washed away
With the waves of tommorow
And I'm within the night
Lying naked
Feigning I fade (in the)
Waves of tommorow

3. The Rain (Secrets of the Fall)     5:22 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music and Lyrics by Stab Venom, 06.08.99.
    Coda composed by Axeman)

There’s the Rain Outside
There is pain Inside
Rain of pain In my mind
Vague visions I find
Thoughts are crawling Away
Dissapear In the Rain
The Rain shows My life is vain
Washing off My cutting pain

Tired to stand, I want to lay
Lay down to the ground, wet from the Rain
Forever Autumn,forever Rain
Falling leaves and dying pain

Yellow ground Clouds are grey
Make me sleepy Eternal Rain
You are gone Now it’s the same
Thoughts are dying In my brain
And the pain Just flyes away
Now it’s gone Into the Rain
When I close My tired eyes
I feel Rain That sadly smiles

Sore is gone,there is no pain
Now I’m son of the rain
I feel dying, my mind
Is the rain and I smile…

4. 12th of April, 1524     5:43 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music by Demon P and Stab Venom)

5. Greek Girl     5:18 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music and Lyrics by Stab Venom, 20.07.2000,
    recomposed on 03.12.2003)

It’s time for me to go down the road
Twilight falls like a sluggish thought
Lavender smell impends in the air
With rousing shiver my mourning I’ll share…

Twilight’s shedding within sight
Turns me soothing and resigned
Darkness covers edge of smart
Brings the lax into my art
Twilight’s falling, nevermind
All the things that were left behind
Diamonds’re falling to the ground
Crystal tears You’re crying out

In your eyes so deep and so bright
I am leaving but I say no good-bye
Let me know, that you’ll wait for me
Eleni through Eternity

Twilight’s shedding within sight,
Paint’s the welkin with the rhyme,
Darkness rills into my art,
Moon embays into my heart…

***I’ve met Eleni on 12.07.2000***
© Meander