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Meander • A Tune for the Moon

EP (mini-album)
Number of tracks: 7
Total time: 30 min.
Date of release: 1st of December, 2006
Genre: Atmospheric Dark Light
Styles: New age with different influences
Music composed and performed by Tim "Stab Venom",
except for "Enter Twilight" coda by L. V. Beethoven
Cover and layout by Tim "Stab Venom"
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"A Tune for the Moon" mini-album contains acoustic instrumental compositions inspired by different impressions of Nature and Music. Being a mirror twin of "A Song for the Sun" EP and mental extraction/extention of the "Twilightide. Contemplation and Thoughts" LP it hopes to lead you into the realm of Inner and Outer Harmony by playing itís sacred Tunes for the Moon. Read more


1. Springs     3:12 (Download: Song | Album)

2. Waltz of the Mushrooms     4:30 (Download: Song | Album)

3. Memories of the Flight in Dream     4:05 (Download: Song | Album)

4. Thulsa Doom     4:00 (Download: Song | Album)

5. Whales return     4:30 (Download: Song | Album)

6. Enter Twilight     5:30 (Download: Song | Album)

7. Summer Ends     4:13 (Download: Song | Album)

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