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Inner Sea • The Sign

Demo + CD-ROM
Number of tracks: 3
Total time: 15 min.
Date of release: 9th of March, 2003
Genre: Atmospheric Dark Light Metal
Styles: Metal with female and male vocals
Cover and layout by Tim "Stab Venom"
Music composed, arranged as stated at the tracklist
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"Capricorn is the mythic creature that has fore body of a goat and a fishtale. According to the legend, a Capricorn appeared ahead the ship is the sign... The Sign of luck."

The result of Inner Sea's first studio experience was planned to become a promotional stuff, but due to an extremely low quality has been distributed only among friends and then forsaken.
It is present on the website just for fun (well, some people find that fun!) and can be recomended only in case one is interested in historical and really rare material.
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1. Thy Stars     2:02 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Lyrics by Stab Venom, 28.10.2002. Music by Stab Venom and Axeman)

Velvet Twilight
Stars appear
In the mirror of the Sea…

Within Eve
Reflections sear…
I breed dreams
The Starlight’s in me…

In the abyss of Time
Diamonds in sky…
Nocturnal tie
Eternaly thy…

2. The Storm     5:32 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Composed by Stab Venom, 16.08.2000.)

As the hazy sun
Rolls down into waves,
Waves are raising up,
Extending it away.
Sand becomes cold,
Surf tongues getting white
I smell comming storm
Twine round the light

I am listening to the waves,
’Cause l wonder,what they say
They’ve endored me in throwing the sprays
Now l know,my life isn’t vain
l am listening to the waves,
Ancient song is flying away
Breakers always are singin’ the same:
Eternal truth,slow in the uptake

Before the storm is on
I’ll walk through the heath
To the evergreen pines,
Murmur in the wind
Even from my shelter
I can hear the waves
Turning into opals
Perish in the haze

Braiding me with ozone
Overcasted sky
Patter of the rain
Made me petrify
Right beyond the hill
Gray sea is raging on
Breeding in salt wind

3. Sunset (online version*)     5:22 (Download: Song | Album)
  (Music by Demon P)

*The uncensored take starring Salz at the beginning and at the end.
© Meander