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First of all, lets define our positions on the music and messages that it should (if should) contain.
It's quite often to hear that "the rock music is a protest". That is something I deffinitely do not agree with. Music is a music, not a way of social manifestation, even if not being L'Art pour L'Art but holding the message of the Beauty, the key to Harmony. Needless to say, life does change, switching all the actuality of yesterday hymns to nothing. Loud words, who will hail them tomorrow?

On the contrary, decidedly denying social aspects of music, I'm in opinion, that the musician himself should have a conception of what is he doing. It might be expressing feelings, might be creating new worlds, or spredding chaos and agression (through it's a theme of a whole different talk: do agression and distruction help in building Harmony?)...

Anyway, my message in music is more like painting: reflecting the Outer World through the mirror labirynth of Inner World. The difference is that I'm trying to put an accent exactly on the process of reflecting, so it's not only about pictures of Inner and Outer worlds, but an attempt to find an alchemic formula, the metapsysics law of the reflection itself.
As well.

Now, what is the main idea of Meander as a project, what are the purposes of bringing it to life, except for creating a music providing mark?
Since the fall of the Inner Sea I'm able to make my dreams come true and have no need to fulfill the miserable ("Wannabearockstar") wills of others, that continuosly took place in the band. So, with starting the Meander I'm absolutely free to make it a non-profit project, donating a money earned on albums distribution to something I would really like to: saving our planet.

Saving it by keeping alive all it's wonderous wildlife species, fascinating plants, landscapes, seas and winds.
First (and immediate) aid is needed by animals, by wildlife.
Time by time in the history of mankind it's getting too late: one by one those, who live with us and have been living far before us are entering the list of no return: Extinct.

It has been a foundation of my way in music, I guess; sofar I see, I'm the only one, who's combining such a gender with conceptions like that.
I'm not sure, that I'm happy about that— I would prefer Meander to be one out of thousands of projects doing something that have to be done. There's an ocean of themes to sing about and the whole universe for the inspiration.

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