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Beyond the Evening Spell

Single with interactive CD-ROM
Number of tracks: 2
Total time: 20 min.
Date of release: 29th of October, 2007
Genre: Atmospheric Dark Light Metal
Styles: Instrumental progressive metal with ethno and ambient influences, dark ambient
Music composed and performed by Tim "Stab Venom"
Layout and photography by Tim "Stab Venom"
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"Beyond the Evening Spell" single hides beneath a complete instrumental story of calling the Twilight to raise from the depth of Waters, to enchant the Earth, to fill the air with a sweet smell of field flowers. Yet, in phylosophycal meaning it is not safe to change order of things, so suddenly you may find an Abyss of torn time opening right beside.


1. Beyond the Evening Spell     17:00 (Save: Song | Album)
     part I. Evening
     part II. The Spell
     part III. Beyond
     part IV. Abyss (collateral consequence of applying the invocation)

2. Abyss     4:00 (Download: Song | Album )
     (postarmageddon mix)

+ Animated interactive CD-ROM with additional information and music.
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